Double the efficacy of NF

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by Jay Gunkelman - March 6, 2013

Berkshire Hathaway's wire service, BusinessWire, reports on Neurofeedback efficacy rates being doubled if the NF is individualized using qEEG.

This is not the same as Z-score feedback and does not require complex expensive added software or a 19 channel feedback device like LORETA feedback.  This can be done with single channel NF devices after evaluation with a full EEG/qEEG to guide the approach.  These peer reviewed results are concordant with the doubled efficacy we reported in 1998 (Wright and Gunkelman, ISNR 1998 meeting proceedings) when comparing qEEG guided to standard approaches from that era.

The site has a PDF download of this current paper available from Springer.

Thanks for your interest in EEG/qEEG.




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