HBI Background and Scientific Papers


The HBI database is built using the knowledge and expertise in the field of quantitative EEG (qEEG) and neurotherapy obtained at the Institute of the Human Brain Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia. The fundamental research included the following areas:

  1. Recording intracranial local field potentials and impulse activity of neurons in patients with epilepsy, OCD, and Parkinson’s Disease. Juri Kropotov, Ph.D, originated this model of brain function research and was awarded the USSR State Prize - the highest award for scientific achievement the Soviet Union offered.
  2. Recording scalp EEG in healthy subjects performing different tasks. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) based methodology has been developed. ICA components of ERPs have been separated. The components are associated with different functional meanings. The intracranial counterparts of the components have been observed in studies in patients with implanted electrodes.
  3. Recording scalp EEG in patients with ADHD. In this area of research, the EEG-based endophenotypes for ADHD have been determined.
  4. Neuronal network simulations. Spatial and temporal filtration properties of neuronal networks were analyzed.
  5. EEG-based neurofeedback in patients with ADHD. This research reveals that late positive executive ERP components are enhanced after 20 sessions of relative beta training.
  6. Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). This research includes patients with ADHD, speech delays, and mental and cognitive delays.

Scientific Papers and Conferences

The research has been reported in numerous papers and at scientific conferences.

Annual conference of International Society for Neuronal Regulation, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 2006

Annual conference of Society of Applied Neuroscience, Swansea, Wales, 2006.

TENNET, An annual meeting of Theoretical and Experimental Neuropsycology, Montreal, Canada, 2005.

Symposium “Quantitative EEG and neurofeedback’, UCLA, Los-Angeles, USA, 2005

ASVOMED, an annual meeting of Russian Society for Rehabilitation Medicine, Sochi, Russia, 2005

Annual Meeting of Neuropsychological Society of Norway, Oslo, Norway, 2004.

Annual conference of International Society for Neuronal Regulation, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA, 2004

Symposium on quantitative EEG and neurofeedback, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2004

8th Annual Meeting of Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, Winterthur, Switzerland, 2004

Annual Congress of Macedoniam Pediatric Society, Ohrid, Macedonia, 2003

Annual conference of International Society for Neuronal Regulation, Huston, Texas, USA, 2003

7th Annual Meeting of Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, Udine, Italy, 2003

Annual Conference of Society for Neuronal Regulation, Scottsdale, Arizona, US 2002

6th Annual Meeting of Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, Amsterdam, 2002

Annual Conference of Society for Neuronal Regulation, Monterey, USA, 2001

5th Annual meeting of Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, Prien, Germany, 2001

Neurophysiological basis of neurotherapy: theory and practice, Course of lectures, Hamar, Norway, 2001

Neuofeedback in treatment attentional disorders. Workshop, Munich, Germany, 2001

XXVII International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000

Realistic Neuronal Networks: theory and applications. Workshop, Norfolk, 2000

SYNTOPIA “New Visions for the Neurosciences and Medical Psychology”, Munich, Germany, 2000

International Congress “Time and Timing in biological systems”, Closter Seaon, Germany, 1999

Models of human behavior. Symposium, Los Alamos, USA, 1998

Forum of European Neurosciences, Berlin, Germany, 1998

Symposium “Time and Timing”, Streconchino, Poland, 1998

X International Conference on ADHD, New York, USA, 1998

XXXIII International Congress of IUPS, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997

VIII International Congress of Psychophysiology, Tampere, Finland, 1996

IV Congress of Italian Society of Psychophysiology, Troina, Italy, 1995


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