Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

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by Jay Gunkelman - January 11, 2013

Junior Seau's recent suicide provided the pathologists access to his brain, and after his 20 year history as a heavy hitter, it is no surprise to modern neuroscientists thaat they would fond evidence of CTE in his brain's structure.

The ERP is diagnostic in mTBI, and the EEG/qEEG, though not generally diagnostically speciic, EEG/qEEGs are useful in designing interventions to assist in recovery following TBI.

This is not limited to professional athletes, as CTE is identified in college players. 

The EEG/qEEG is helpful in identifying the mix of white and gray matter in TBI, with more slow content seen in white matter injuries, and with decreases in faster content in gray matter injuries.

The press coverage of the Junior Seau donation of his brain to NIH, and their blinded rater evaluation of the changes in his brain are inlcuded below.





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