Alternative treatments for ADHD without an addiction potential

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by Jay Gunkelman - February 13, 2013

The following New York Times article link will provide access to an article that has raised th serious concern about addiction to amphetamine medications precribed for ADHD. I though this was a good time to mention there is an effective treatment for ADHD.

Neuromodulation training has a solid literture, and in a recent meta-analysis paper neurofeedback training showed well designed studeies with control groups, and compared with medication the neurotherapy was shown to have a larger "effect size" than medication studies provide. Effect size is the ability of the treatment and control group's mean and standard deviation to be easily differentiated statistically, with a larger effect size showing a larger treatment effect difference from the control group.

Given that the alternative treatment with Neurofeedback has an equivalent, and likely more powerful effect compared with steatment with medication, it makes the use of medication with side-effects to be less appropriate a choice as a first-line treatment.

"First do no harm" should guide choices in therapy to select neuromodulatory approaches before medication, unless other circumstances mitigate the choice to use medication.

The link to the NY Times article is below:



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