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Biofeedback Certification Program - November 4-7, 2014 | Gilbert & Kerson | Oakland, CA

Biofeedback Certification Program - November 4-7, 2014 | Gilbert & Kerson | Oakland, CA
Price: $675.00 - $1,295.00
Attendee Type Price Qty.
Individual $1,295.00
Group of 2 or more from one facility (each) $1,195.00
Student $675.00


This course is planned to provide the accredited 48 hours for BCIA didactic. It will cover instrumentation and train on state of the art equipment. It is a 4-day 30.5 hour F2F course with 18 hours of self-paced pre-course learning. It is highly recommended that the 18 hours are taken within the 30 days prior to the F2F instruction. The full course covers treatment protocols, history of biofeedback and operant conditioning, ethical considerations and basic psychophysiology science. This course is essential training for anyone who wishes to incorporate applied psychophysiology into his or her practice.


Chris Gilbert, PhD | More about Dr. Gilbert HERE
Cynthia Kerson, PhD | More about Dr. Kerson HERE
Rich Sherman, PhD| More about Dr. Sherman HERE


Oakland, California | Hilton Oakland Airport. Come for the course and stay for the BSC conference! More information (as it progresses) on the Biofeedback Society of California's 40th annual conference can be found HERE. Any BSC member who takes our course will be awarded a 2015 membership renewal to the BSC. Any non BSC members will be automatically given a 2015 membership. Learn more about BSC membership value HERE.


Hilton Oakland Airport Hotel
1 Hegenberger Rd
Oakland, CA 94621


For your stay November 3-5, please call Vanessa at (925) 837-1100 X 111 (BSI) for  room rate of $139/night. For your stay November 6-9, you must call (510) 635-5000 (the hotel) for room night fee of $125/night. Use code BSC (Biofeedback Society of California).

BSI invites anyone interested to attend our courses. However, anyone who holds a Bachelor’s degree in a health-related field may obtain BCIA didactic hours when attending the 4-Day Biofeedback certificate Program (30 hours) as well as completing the 18 hours of remote coursework, which includes:

    • Introduction to Biofeedback: It’s History and Learning Concepts – Cynthia Kerson (3 Hours)
    • Stress, Coping and Illness – Chris Gilbert (4 hours)
    • Evidence-based Research Methods in Applied Psychophysiology – Chris Gilbert (1 hour)
    • Concepts of Applied Learning – Cynthia Kerson (1 hours)
    • Structure and Function of the Autonomic Nervous System – Chris Gilbert (1,5 hours)
    • Muscle Anatomy and Physiology - Chris Gilbert (1 hour)
    • Basic Neuroanatomy and Physiology for EEG Training – Cynthia Kerson (1 hour)
    • Electronic Concepts Relevant to Psychophysiological Recording – Cynthia Kerson (.5 hour)
    • Effects of Medication on Biofeedback Modalities – Cynthia Kerson (1 hour)
    • Ethics in Biofeedback Training – Rich Sherman (4 hours)



  1. To prepare the attendee to use the biofeedback equipment optimally to better utilize the training time.
  2. To prepare the attendee for intake and retest procedures to gain insight to the training success.
  3. To introduce the concepts of learning from a theoretical and historical perspective to give the attendee a better grounding to the procedures of biofeedback.
  4. To explain stress, illness and psychophysiological disease to allow the attendee insight to the most prevalent presenting complaints to biofeedback.
  5. To inform electrical concepts so the practitioner has a good conceptual view of the equipment and the value of clean recordings.
  6. To instruct on the anatomy and physiology biological systems training in biofeedback to better inform the practitioner about the systems being trained.
  7. To prepare the attendee for BCIA certification for success.


Day 1 | Cynthia Kerson:
General Applications of Biofeedback
Measurable Observations and Adjunct Interventions
Temperature and Electrodermal Training - Demonstration and Practicum
Day 2 | Chris Gilbert:
Capnomerty and Relaxation Breath Work - Demonstration and Practicum
Heart Rate Variability Training - Demomstration and Practicum
Relaxation Methods and Psychotherapeutic Techniques
Chronic Muscle Pain
Day 3 | Chris Gilbert
EMG Training Considerations
sEMG Electrode Placement Demonstration and Practicum
Day 4 | Cynthia Kerson
Neurofeedback, Brain Wave Biofeedback, Brain Computer Interface . . 
Neurofeedback Demonstraion and Practicum
Effects of Medications on Biofeedback Modalities
Incorporating More Than One Modality in the Same Treatment Plan
Practicum Time

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Target Audience / Level:

This is a beginners/intermediate course for psychologists, medical professionals, licensed MFT and LCSWs, RNs and BCIA applicants.


CEs available through APA and are valid for BCIA, ASET and the QEEG Certification Board where relevant.


Cancellation Policy: 75% refund up to 30 days prior; 50% refund up to 15 days prior; 20% refund up to 7 days prior, no refund 6 days prior or less.


BSI reserves the right to cancel courses with less than 3 people enrolled 15 days prior to the first day of the course.




View BSI webinar recordings at your own pace. Inexpensive CEs.


Neurofeedback Bibliography with abstracts. Last compiled Sept '14






"What an honor and privilege to be taught QEEG and LORETA by two of the most recognized and respected people in the field of EEG; Joel Lubar, PhD and Jay Gunkleman, QEEGD. BSI's small class size, coupled with hands on experience gave us real insight into the mechanics of using QEEG with clients. I now feel ready to go forward by incorporating these techniques into my practice."
- - - RI, LMFT, CNT Los Angeles, CA



"To date I’ve done over 300 Qs with BSI and compared to other services I’ve used, their reports are far superior and Jay is always available for discussion of each case. I have learned so much from Jay by discussing these cases with him."

- - - RJS, PhD, LCSW, BCB, BCN, Houston, TX


"I have found BSI's recorded webinars as an excellent resource to improve my neurfoeedback skill sets. BSI's webinars provide user-friendly access to leading applied and research experts within neurofeedback. In addition, my graduate students have purchased recorded webinar sessions; they reported this resource reduces the complexity of neurofeedback through cohesive and comprehensive trainings related to neurofeedback."

- - - JL, EdD, Assistant Professor Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology


"Dr. Kerson is an excellent teacher and neurofeedback supervisor. She provides a warm and caring approach to learning the process as well as the content - even when it is difficult to understand. She has a great sense of humor, and makes the learning interactive and fun. More importantly, she really cares about her students and takes the time to be sure everyone is succeeding."

- - - SS, PhD Associate Professor UNLV